Why our Fulvic

Our strength is in our custom made molecular blend designed by a professional soil scientist

  • More Fulvic when compared to most other Fulvic products
  • Higher content of fulvic/humic blend when compared to most other fulvic products
  • More bioactive when compared to most other Fulvic products
  • A spectrum of molecules with varying sizes with different beneficial effects
  • Less sodium/salt than most other Fulvic products due to our extraction process
  • 100% naturally extracted
  • Superior separation technology
  • Thoroughly tested for contaminants 

Introduction to Fulvic

Fulvic acid is derived from humic substances. Humic substances are natural occurring and can be found to a small extent in fertile soils, compost, in some swamps and rivers. But it is abundant in deposits around the world that are rich in oxidised lignite, sometimes called humate. These deposits are the remains of ancient forests that have been subjected to heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years until they have broken down to become what we call humic substances. Within humic substances there is a small component called fulvic acid and this component is the most bioactive part, meaning that it has the most beneficial effect on living organisms, plant or animal, compared to all the other fractions within humic substances. Our fulvic acid, despite its name, is only weakly acidic with a pH level of about 5.5 to 6. To put this into perspective apples have acidity levels between 3.3 and 4.0, and beer has an acidity of 4.0. The lower the number the greater the acidity, and neutral being is about a pH level of about 7.

Our fulvic is derived using the latest technological breakthrough enabling us to extract fulvic acid without using any chemicals offering the world the purest fulvic acid available. Our process is 100% natural offering the benefits of fulvic acid without impurities or added chemicals. Further to this Fulvic Acid Australia’s fulvic acid isn’t just one molecule like most brands but is a spectrum of molecules with varying sizes. Our technology allows us to target the specific sizes of molecules. We have put together a unique, proprietary blend.


Purity, Concentration, pH & Blend

These are the four attributes that make Fulvic Acid Australia a leader in the industry.
Offering you the best quality Fulvic on the market.


The purity of our fulvic acid is reflected in its very low salt levels measured as electrical conductivity.  Our low levels are a result of our superior separation technology. Only the natural salts that are in fulvic are present.

Other companies produce fulvic through a chemical process known as base-acid extraction, in which they dissolve the oxidised lignite with a highly alkaline chemical then add a concentrated acid such as hydrochloric or sulphuric acid which makes all the fractions of the oxidised lignite precipitate out except for the fulvic. What remains however isn’t just the fulvic, but water and extremely high concentration of salts formed from the base-acid extraction in a dangerously acidic solution of pH 2 that would be harmful to ingest. (See section on pH) Our competitors’ products contain an average salinity of 833.3 mS/cm-1 per 1.0% humic substances. This indicates that salt levels are over 100 times greater than those of Fulvic Acid Australia’s fulvic acid. The competition’s product must be often diluted with a great volume of water to make it safer to drink. Furthermore, there are other companies that also use a water extraction method to achieve a more neutral pH but do not have the technical ability to separate the specific fulvic acid molecules resulting in a product that has only minimal amounts of fulvic acid inferior to our fulvic.

Purity and being 100% natural are the hallmarks of Fulvic Acid Australia’s fulvic acid.


Most competitors’ fulvic acid products derived by chemical extraction has 0.25% at the most of Fulvic acid. So, 100,000 mg would have 250 mg of fulvic. Fulvic Acid Australia’s special blend has many times the levels of fulvic acid compared to most other fulvic acid products.


The third measure of quality is pH. This slightly acidic pH is dictated by the natural pH of humic substances which are generally of minor acidity. Our fulvic has a stable and unadulterated pH that is non-caustic and relatively neutral.

Competitors deliberately manipulate pH to separate the fractions of humic substances and recover fulvic acid. The pH of a solution containing humic substances is first raised to approximately 10.0 using a strong base such as potassium hydroxide. At this pH, larger sized humic molecules precipitate out of solution leaving the both medium and smaller humic molecules (humic acid and fulvic acid, respectively). The solution is once again manipulated using a strong acid such as hydrochloric acid. Once a pH of 2.0 is achieved, the humic acid molecules fall out of solution and fulvic acid remains. The pH of this solution is unnaturally acidic and dangerous to plants and humans when it is applied undiluted. Moreover, such acidity can solubilize metals to toxic levels and destroy microorganisms. Competitors will often raise their product’s pH to a more neutral level by adding more of a caustic base. However, in doing so another detriment manifests in the form of increasing the already high level of salts.


Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring fraction of humic substances. The fulvic acid molecules colloidal poly-dispersed and amorphous, in other words starting from the basic molecular structure (C14H12O8) there exists a variety of sizes of these molecules from small to large, often expressed in varying molecular weights from low to high.  Fulvic Acid Australia’s fulvic represents a spectrum of molecules with varying sizes. The Patented extraction technology allows us to target the specific molecular sizing and come up with the optimum blend of low to high molecular weight fulvic acid molecules.

In addition to purity, concentration and pH our ability to create this blend makes our fulvic acid unique and 

offers the most powerful fulvic acid compared to all other fulvic acid products on the market.