Would you trust a product that doesn’t state what type and how much of the ingredient it contains?

Would you find it strange if you went to buy a car and the salesperson won’t tell you the year, brand and/or model?

What about a Petrol Station selling fuel, and the pump doesn’t say if it’s E10 or Premium?

What about if they don’t even tell you how much fuel they are putting in the tank?

What about wine? Would you like a red? 4 litres of cheap cask wine or 750ml of the best Grange?

Please ask the obvious when you see similar named products. BEWARE of the sales spin!

Why are we upfront? Because we know we have the purest product on the market.

Our fulvic is a unique custom blend of approx a 60/40 ‘fulvic to humic ratio’.

 Our Industry Standard Lamar test PROVES an extremely pure fulvic product compared to other similar named products.

It also offers a HUMIC acid content at a high % level.

We haven’t come across a product that’s even similar to The Natural Edge Fulvic.

The value for money of our product is MANY TIMES than similar named products.


Look for two things when purchasing a fulvic/humic product.

1. How many mg of fulvic/humic is in each serve (ours 150mg) and

2. What is the purity/quality fulvic/humic %. (Lamar quality/ratio test)

ISO 19822:2018 Lamar Test Results IHSS – International Humic Substances Society

If these two simple ingredient measurements are not clearly stated you simply can’t compare the product?