Humic and Fulvic for Human Consumption

A Multi Mineral Nutrient, Essential for Life.

Modern farming has depleted fulvic/humic levels in the soil, destroying the nutrients.

The Natural Edge Fulvic is an extremely high grade colloidal mineral drink containing a rich source of natural minerals, trace
elements, fulvic, humic and amino acids used for mineral supplementation that supports general health.

It’s a 100% naturally occurring colloidal mineral offering the benefits of fulvic without impurities & added chemicals.

Get The Natural Edge from Fulvic Acid Australia.




Fulvic is a natural food nutriment.
Fulvic is a food supplement that is in most organic foods such as potatoes, radishes, beetroot, carrots and other root vegetables.. 
In Australia our product is not a medicine, therefore we can not make any health claims or any therapeutic benefits. 
This is a food supplement made of organic material, full of essential trace minerals that you used to get in your vegetables, that is now lacking because of modern farming methods.
If you have a health problem please seek medical advice from your qualified health professional.