The Natural Edge Fulvic is a colloidal mineral which is specially formulated to supplement & help you achieve nutritional goals with intake of fulvic that supports general health. 

The Natural Edge Fulvic brand has a mission to inspire health and wellbeing through out the world.

The Natural Edge Fulvic isn’t just one molecule like most brands but is a spectrum of molecules with varying sizes with naturally occurring Trace Elements & Amino Acids ready for human consumption. It’s 100% natural offering the benefits of fulvic without impurities & added chemicals.

We have put together a unique, proprietary blend to optimise maximum health benefits.

Just like you should eat more organic vegetables, you should eat more fulvic. Modern farming methods have lowered fulvic levels – this is the fulvic that used to be in your food. Fulvic is in most organic foods, especially those whose roots grow deeper underground such as potatoes, radishes, beetroot, carrots and other root vegetables.

Topping up your food nutrients by eating ‘DIRT’ is the WORLD’S BEST KEPT SECRET!

We are the only supplier in the World of this custom blend of Fulvic.

Get the Natural Edge with Fulvic Acid Australia.



Fulvic is a natural food nutrient.
Fulvic is a food supplement that is in most organic foods such as potatoes, radishes, beetroot, carrots and other root vegetables.. 
In Australia we do not & can not make any health claims.
Our product is not to be confused as a medicine nor do we claim any therapeutic claims. 
This is a food supplement made of organic material full of essential trace minerals that you used to get in your vegetables, that is now lacking because of modern farming methods.
If you have a health problem please seek medical advice from your qualified health professional.