Humic and Fulvic Superfood for Human Consumption
A Multi Mineral Nutrient, Essential for Life.

Modern farming has depleted fulvic/humic levels in the soil, destroying the nutrients.
The Natural Edge Fulvic is an extremely high grade multi mineral supplement containing a rich source of natural minerals,
trace elements, fulvic, humic and amino acids used for mineral supplementation that supports general health.


Fulvic Acid Australia

What is Fulvic?

Fulvic Acid is derived from ‘humic substances’. These deposits are the remains of decomposed ancient forests that have been subjected to heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years until they have broken down to become what we call humic substances. Within humic substances there is a small component called fulvic acid and this component is the most bioactive part, meaning that it has the most beneficial effect on living organisms, plant or animal. It contains a variety of beneficial nutrients. The compound contains an assortment of hormones, fatty acids, ketones, flavonoids, and vitamins and minerals.

Our Earth was once abundant with minerals, trace elements, and rich humus soil flush with microbes. The soil was exceptionally fertile and organic growing conditions were optimum. Vegetation was very lush and bountiful. Sadly, today this is not the case. Our soils are sick due to poor agricultural practices, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, erosion, and mineral depletion. These sterile conditions in turn prohibit important microbial activity. Because our soils are sick our plants are sick and contain very little in the way of mineral nutrition. For generations now, adequate fulvic acid that should have been contained in the plants we eat has been missing from our diets. Scientists have found that nutritionally we need 90 different nutrients in our diets. Over 60 of these are minerals and trace elements. We are simply not getting them today from the plants we eat.

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Humic and Fulvic Superfood for Human Consumption A Multi Mineral Nutrient, Essential for Life.

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