We have the highest quality Fulvic available in Australia !

There are only a handful of fulvic suppliers that actually display
how much fulvic is in their product and show the ratio of Humic to Fulvic.
This is important because it should have both properties and most only have humic.
So look for two things when comparing products.
How much fulvic is in the product and what is the ratio of fulvic to humic
You can view quality/ratio results from the industry standard Lamar test.
If these two things aren't clearly labeled you simply can't compare.
Ours is 150mg per serve at 27% fulvic / 15% humic and 150mg per serve at 85% humic / 1% fulvic. (Lamar test/IHSS)
This results in an extremely high quality product.

Why does quality matter?

Who wants to be sold something that doesn’t live up to its promise?

* Quality/purity?
Many companies produce fulvic through a chemical process known as base acid extraction which can create an extremely high concentration of salts formed in a dangerously acidic solution. We use a superior separation technology that leaves only the natural salts.

* Ratio of fulvic to humic?
Most products are predominantly humic, which is cheaper and easier to produce. The Natural Edge Fulvic has one of the highest quality/purity according to the Lamar test - the industry standard testing method for analysing the quality of humic substances.

* Quantity in each serving?
Many brands dilute their products but ours has 300mg of humic substances.
150mg per serve at 27% fulvic / 15% humic and
150mg per serve at 85% humic / 1% fulvic.

Beware of sales spin in
the Fulvic category...

Many brands promote the benefits of this product while having low fulvic & humic content or using chemical extraction technologies that tamper with the natural state of the minerals.

Our products are in a different league. We have an extremely high quality solution (proven by a Lamar test) so you can rest assured knowing you have the best possible experience with the purest fulvic on the market.

Why our fulvic stands apart from others

High Content & Extremely Pure

Many other products have a low percentage of Fulvic, sometimes less than 1%. Ours has 27% Fulvic, see our Lamar test results for details.

If you want a quality product, always ask for a Lamar test and if they can’t give this to you it’s most likely an indicator of low concentration.

We use a superior separation technology rather than base acid extraction that is done by other companies, which creates a purer proven product.

Safe & Thoroughly Tested

We are rigorous with testing and meet all food industry standards.

Not only do we have high quality results on our LAMAR tests but we thoroughly test for contaminants under Australian Food Standards.

We have also completed LD50 toxicity testing and passed at > 933x dose.

So you can rest assured you have a product that meets Australian standards which are much higher than 'similar' USA products.

Great Value for Money

Our dedication to quality means our product contains better bioavailability of nutrients and minerals.

Essentially customers receive an extremely pure and highly concentrated product that is designed for maximum impact.

So you get more bang for your buck!

We test thoroughly.

Our LD50 test for toxicity is part of our commitment to quality and safety. We commissioned toxicology studies to assess the acute oral toxicity of our products which passed at 2000 mg/kg (933x daily dose) therefore our product DOES NOT PRESENT A SIGNIFICANT ACUTE TOXIC RISK even if consumed at high quantities.

Testing has been completed in Canada for both microbial and heavy metal contamination before export. We also send our product to IAS Laboratories in USA to test for the fulvic/humic content via the Lamar Method.

Once in Australia we send our powder to two separate TGA & food compliant packaging labs to retest for microbial and heavy metal contamination and ensure we are food compliant.

Health is Wealth!

Want to read studies completed on various fulvic & humic products?

Fulvic sold in Australia is classed as a food and no health claims can be associated with this type of food. We can however share with you some of the research that has completed in our category. Learn more at the Fulvic Acid Information website. www.fulvic.info