We are a team of passionate individuals who have personally discovered the power of fulvic through our own experiences.
Years have been spent down the rabbit hole that is Fulvic Acid.
We have all learnt about this miracle product and how important this food supplement is to your dietary intake.

Our Team

Paul - Managing Director

Paul had his own health issues when his heart stopped due to a lack of magnesium. This led him to research ‘why’ and by chance he bumped into Brad (who is his youngest daughters godfather). They started chatting about how many people had health improvements after consuming the custom blend of Fulvic that Brad had been taking. This inspired Paul to dive deep into the world of Fulvic. Initially Paul begun researching and helped Brad locate the manufacturer of the fulvic that Brad was consuming. They found the manufacturer and together they imported a batch and shared the product amongst their friends. One after another people shared their incredible feedback. Paul was amazed by the testing results which showed the product was of extremely high quality compared to anything on the market and felt inspired to join Brad’s mission of distributing the highest quality Fulvic in the world to as many people as possible.

Brad - Founder

Brad had led a healthy and active life until he became ill with 3 brain tumors. In 2009 he had been through multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy which left him depleted and drained of energy. The doctors said the tumor could return and because of its position, crush his optic nerve and lead to blindness, stroke, and most likely death. The prognosis didn’t look good, and he was told to go home and pretty much wait to die. It was at this time that he spoke to a friend who suggested trying a black mineral liquid. Brad was aware that after the radiation his body was extremely mineral deficient and after doing some research on the health benefits of fulvic, he decided to give it a go. "I would encourage you to research, just as I did, and discover for yourself just what amazing food supplement Fulvic is"

MARK - (Bachelor of Pharmacy, Sydney Uni.)

Mark was a retail pharmacist and business owner for 30 years before retirement. Mark sold out of retail in 2010 and then was manager and a locum pharmacist at various pharmacies in Port Macquarie, he completed 2 years as a Hospital Pharmacist at Port Macquarie Base Hospital and Chief Pharmacist at Kempsey Base Hospital. Mark oversees compliance & liaises with the Universities that have shown interest in The Natural Edge.

Giving Back To The Community

KIDS Foundation

In 1998 Brad was in RPA Hospital recovering from radiation therapy.

One day he walked past the kids ward and saw children going through cancer treatment which broke his heart. He wanted to do something positive to help these children so decided to raise money to support the KIDS foundation.

Having been a healthy & active person before his own cancer diagnosis, he decided to brush up on old skills and run the Ironman Half Marathon. Some people told him he was a nutjob, coming straight out of radiation and training for such an extreme physical challenge but he was determined. He set a target of $140,600. $1,000 for every km run.

He completed the Ironman Half Marathon after finishing radiation on the Friday. This experience sparked a long-term commitment to supporting the KIDS Foundation and over the years he has raised over $2,000,000 dollars for kids in need.

Fulvic Acid Australia can’t give health advice, but our professional affiliates may be able to assist you.

Please reach out them if you think they can offer assistance.

Kate | Radical Health & Wellness | NSW

An Aussie mum of six, with a penchant for studying and learning about how fearfully and wonderfully made we are. She is often shadowbanned on Instagram, apparently, she is a bit too…..well, radical for their liking. She currently lives on a farm in rural NSW, after spending numerous years in Tonga (her husband’s birth country). Her other interests include cooking, photography, and upcycling stuff. Follow her at https://www.instagram.com/authorkatewilliam/ or contact her through her website www.radicalhealthandwellness.com

Kaleigh | Nutrition Elements | Canada

Kaleigh is not only a very talented singer but a well-known nutritionist with over 42,000 followers on her nutrition.elements Instagram page. Follow her at https://www.instagram.com/nutrition.elements

Kathryn | KSR Therapies | Sunshine Coast | QLD

Kathryn is the proud owner of KSR Therapies, graduating from the College of Natural Healing in 2013 and has gone on to graduate with a diploma in Remedial Massage through the Q Academy in 2016. With a passion for health and wellness Kathryn is constantly striving to further advance her skills. She completed a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Body Intelligence in 2019 after a two-year journey with the focus on Health. Her philosophy is to work together with her patients, empowering them to improve their wellbeing and focus on sustainable long-term goals. Contact Kathryn through her website www.ksrtherapies.com.au

Penny | Corstone Health | Port Macquarie | NSW

A Nutrition and Healing Coach that focuses on Gut Health and pH Level Balancing. Without resetting the Microbiome we really can’t obtain the maximum absorption of our nutrition. Unless we know what pH level we are, how can we correct it. So by testing on initial consult, she sets a goal that will have you at your peak energy levels, help activate serotonin from gut to brain which alleviates brain fog. Activate the fuel burning fats to energy and clean up the body of toxins that’s holding you back from living the life you crave. She has discovered several natural products that can oxygenate the white bloods cells and eliminate heavy metals. This is the most important part of detoxing your body. Avoiding blood clotting. Heart issues. Dis-Ease is not life ending it all about getting it back to a clean environment and that’s her focus. So whether it’s weight loss, detox, menopause, nutrition or just general health, she is happy to consult and assist you live life feeling your ultimate best. Contact Penny via email [email protected]

Grace | Healing with Grace | Byron Bay | NSW

Grace is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist offering personalised in-person and online naturopathic consultations, a variety of health-focused programs and workshops and a comprehensive range of informative testing resources. She acknowledges the holistic influence of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual spheres and honour that the healing journey is non-linear and unique for each and every one of us. Grace works with a wide range of individuals from children to teenagers, adults & the elderly and address a myriad of ailments and issues. Visit her website at www.healthwithgrace.com.au

Jo | The Good Gut Co | Brisbane | QLD

Jo is a qualified Clinical Naturopath and co-owner of "The Good Gut Co". Jo & her partner started the company to help people who are financially restricted when it comes to seeing Healthcare Practitioners such as Naturopaths. They wanted to provide the missing link for affordable answers to issues like gut health, hormonal support, skin conditions etc whilst still being under the guidance & support of a Naturopath without the burden of regular ongoing consultation fees. Contact Jo through her website www.insideoutclinic.com.au