We're a dedicated team, united by our personal experiences of the effects of Fulvic Acid. During the years that have been spent exploring, researching and celebrating, we've learned firsthand about Fulvic Acid’s unparalleled role in supporting a balanced diet and overall well-being.

Our Team

Paul Dawson - Managing Director

In 2014, a healthy, 46-year-old Paul Dawson faced a critical health scare—his heart suddenly stopped due to mineral deficiency. This pivotal moment led him to discover Fulvic Acid, introduced by his daughter's godfather, who cited numerous remarkable health transformations from its use. Intrigued, Paul investigated further, eventually locating and sourcing a high-quality source of Fulvic Acid. After distributing this personal batch to acquaintances, the positive feedback poured in, each person sharing remarkable testimonials. Driven by his own experience and the feedback of others, Paul committed to distributing top-grade Fulvic Acid globally, committing to improving as many lives as possible.
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LinkedIn : "https://www.linkedin.com/in/fulvicacidaustralia/"

Paul's view on his way to hospital after collapsing from mineral deficiency.

MARK - ( Bachelor of Pharmacy - Compliance Control )

With a 30-year career in pharmacy and a heart for community wellness, Mark ensures every step of our process meets and exceeds health standards. His expertise bridges the gap between nature’s gifts and the scientific rigour that showcases The Natural Edge’s commitment to excellence.

Meet Our Collaborators :

While Fulvic Acid Australia is not positioned to provide health advice, our network of professional affiliates stands ready to support you. Should you need guidance, we encourage you to connect with them for further assistance.

Kate | Radical Health and Wellness | NSW

An Aussie mum of six, beacon of health insights and advocate for natural wellness, Kate brings her radical approach to health from her home in the serene NSW countryside. Discover her world and visit her website radicalhealthandwellness

Kaleigh | Nutrition Elements | Canada

With her profound understanding of nutrition, Kaleigh has 50,000 followers engaging with her on her platform dedicated towards balanced living. You can find her at Nutrition Elements Instagram

Kathryn | KSR Therapies | Sunshine Coast | QLD

Graduating from the College of Natural Healing in 2013 as well as a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Kathryn merges her deep knowledge of natural healing techniques with a passion for empowering others on their health journey. Explore her offerings on her website www.ksrtherapies.com.au

Penny | Corstone Health | Port Macquarie | NSW

A guru in gut health and pH balance, Penny is dedicated to unlocking your body's full potential through meticulous care and natural solutions. Whether it’s weight loss, detox, menopause or general health, begin your transformation with Penny via email [email protected]

Grace | Healing with Grace | Byron Bay | NSW

By weaving the art of naturopathy with nutritional education, Grace offers tailored pathways to holistic health. Working with a wide range of individuals, in-person or online, that range from children to teenagers, adults and the elderly, get in touch with Grace through her website www.healthwithgrace.com.au

Jo | The Good Gut Co | Brisbane | QLD

Co-founder of The Good Gut Co, Jo champions accessible naturopathic care, ensuring everyone can achieve optimal health without financial strain. Offering affordable support for those with issues that include but is not limited to gut health, hormonal support and skin conditions. Reach out to Jo at The Good Gut Co.

In an over saturated market, we’re proud to stand as a beacon of trust and integrity. At Fulvic Acid Australia, it’s not about convincing you to choose Fulvic Acid; it’s about ensuring that when you do, you choose us—we don’t just supply Fulvic Acid, we offer a promise of unparalleled quality, backed by the power of nature and validated by the most rigorous standards.