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Hi, I’m Brad Foster and would like to share some of my life’s story with you. Which, was healthy and active until a serious health problem saw me endure three major brain tumour operations.

After extensive radiation to kill off the remaining tumour, I spent six weeks of treatment in the Prince of Wales Oncology Clinic. I came through drained of energy and at a very low point in my life. After the last operation, a friend of mine said, “Why don’t you try Fulvic Acid as a food supplement? You probably don’t have enough fulvic minerals in your diet and it should greatly help you.”

I googled, researched and studied all I could to follow his suggestion. I soon discovered the vast health and preventive healing properties which gave me hope.

So, I started including fulvic into my regular diet and soon discovered its many health benefits personally.

I would encourage you to research, just as I did, and discover for yourself just what amazing food supplement FULVIC is.

Brad Foster Brain Tumour survivor

This is Brad Foster after his 3rd major brain tumour operation. It is a miracle that he is still alive, each time they operated there was always a residue of the tumour that they could not remove because of where it is situated.

While I was in hospital I decided to do something positive, I entered the 70.3 Half Ironman to qualify for the Ironman later that year and try to raise $140,600 (the distance of the Ironman in kilometres – 140.6km) for the KIDS FOUNDATION.

I finished the radiation on a Friday and completed the 70.3 Half Ironman on the Sunday.

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I am sure that my recovery back to a healthy and active life was greatly assisted by this custom blend of Fulvic.

I am excited to tell you that I am now the only supplier of this custom blend of Fulvic in the world.

I have been taking this product for ten years and I’m so happy to share this unique molecular blend with you so that you too may see your life deeply enhanced from its beneficial properties.





Ride to Port co-founder Brad Foster with Olympian Susie O’Neill and Brock Howes with KIDS Foundation CEO Susie O’Neill. Photo by Port Macquarie News


Brad Foster completes Ironman after Brain Tumour


Brad Foster has endured 3 major brain tumour operations and is completing an Ironman

MARK PLUNKETT (Bachelor of Pharmacy, Sydney Uni.)

Mark is a pharmacist with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from The Sydney University. He was a retail pharmacist and business owner the 30 years. Mark sold out of retail in 2010 and then was manager and a locum pharmacist at various pharmacies in Port Macquarie, he completed 2 years as a Hospital Pharmacist at Port Macquarie Base Hospital and Chief Pharmacist at Kempsey Base Hospital.

Upon retirement Mark became aware of fulvic acid through Paul seeked help in understanding fulvic humic substances. After completing research Mark now works closely with the manufacturer to verify the accuracy and oversee verification and authenticity of the claims of the many health benefits of fulvic acid. Mark liaises with the Universities that have shown interest in The Natural Edge.

PAUL DAWSON (Administration)

Paul sends out the orders, completes the paperwork & BAS and deals with the imports and exports of the product.

Paul had his own health issues when his heart stopped with a lack of magnesium. This lead him to research ‘why’. By chance he bumped into Brad (who is his youngest daughters godfather) and they got chatting about how many people had seen their health improve after consuming the custom blend of fulvic that Brad was taking. Paul initially helped Brad locate the manufacturer and imported a batch so that he could continue supply to Brad and his friends as the previous importer has moved overseas. They had a heap left over a gave it away to friends who had various health issues, one after another they came back with incredible results. Paul was amazed and also wants to share with the world this amazing discovery.


John Hunter Hospital Report on low magnesium and solution of insertion of a Pace Maker


Our fulvic is a food supplement and is not a medicine. We do not & can not make any health claims. 
If you have a health problem we recommend seeking medical advice from your qualified health professional.